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Facial Hair Options and Creating the Masculine Body-with CC

Facial Hair Options and Creating the Masculine Body-with CC

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Products & Tools You’ll Need to Follow Along for Part 1:

  • A variety of brushes, makeup sponges and a powder puff

  • Loose setting powder

  • Full coverage foundation in your skin tone

  • -Shades of brown in creams and powders

  • Foundation cream in gray (or substitute it for gray eyeshadow)

  • A SFX stipple sponge (like made by Ben Nye or Mehron)

  • An eyebrow spoolie

  • Eyeliner pen in black

  • Foundation cream in black

  • Shimmery eyeshadows

  • White eyelash glue

  •  5-10 decorative items to glue to your face, the size of small buttons

  • Scissors

  • A hair straightener or iron

  • Crepe wool in color of your choice

  • Spirit gum and spirit gum remover

Table of Contents & Time Codes


0:01 - Intro 

1:31 - Store bought options

10:51 - Temporary Beards: Brush strokes

19:40 - Temporary Beards: Stipple sponge

30:49 - Temporary Beards: Metallic studs

40:37 - Temporary Beards: Crepe Wool

52:19 - Using spirit gum remover


56:40 - Examples of homemade beards

59:39 - Making hair pieces from faux fur


1:12:50 - Binding your chest

1:27:38 - Padding your legs

1:29:58 - Packing a crotch

1:33:33 - Outro

Specific Products Used in Part 2:

  • Mod Podge Fabric Finish

  • Scraps of faux fur

  • Sharpie and Amazon brand permanent markers

Specific Products Used in Part 1:

  • Krylon TV Paint Stick (full coverage foundation)

  • Ben Nye Neutral Set setting powder

  • NYX Highlight and Contour palette in creams and shadows

  • Ben Nye foundation cream in Cadaver

  • BPerfect’s Indestructi’Brow Lock and Load in dark brown

  • BPerfect’s Indestructi’Brow pencil in dark brown

  • Ben Nye LiquiSet

  • NYX SFX Creme Colour “Primary” palette

  • NYX Epic Ink Liner

  • BH Cosmetics Aurora Lights shadow palette

  • Urban Decay All-Nighter setting spray

  • Graftobian crepe wool in light brown

  • Graftobian Spirit Gum & Spirit Gum Remover

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