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Over this four part course you’ll learn everything you need about drag king makeup, facial hair, body shaping and wigs from the iconic king, HercuSleaze! (As seen on the OUTtv show Call Me Mother!) He gives overviews of specialized products, in depth tutorials, and shares all the tricks of the trade to help demystify the artform. After taking the course you’ll feel equipped and empowered to start making creative looks of your own!


Class 1: Makeup Fundamentals and Natural Masculine Illusions (Beginner Level) HercuSleaze will show all the the products you need to paint a drag face and explain how to best apply them. They will discuss the principles behind contouring for a male illusion and they will share a guide they made of masculine contouring patterns, and explain how different shapes convey different things about your drag persona. They will demonstrate step by step how you paint a natural looking male illusion.


Class 2: Makeup Skills and Hyper Stylized Illusions (Intermediate/ Advanced Level) Hercu will paint two different full looks in this class . Firstly, they show step by step how they paint their signature face using cream and powder makeup. Secondly, they use a combination of of cream, powder and water-activated makeup to paint a high stylized face. In these tutorials they demonstrate how to block a brow using a glue stick. Lastly, they show the best ways to remove many kinds of make-up and how to clean your brushes


Class 3: Facial Hair Options and Creating the Masculine Body Herc will show the different ways of doing facial hair: drawing it on, making pieces, buying pieces, and securely adhering it and will give a tutorial for making a moustache and goatee out of faux fur. They show strategies, tools and products for binding a chest, packing a crotch, and padding muscles and demonstrate how to put on a silicone chest plate, how to apply makeup to it, and how to wash it.


Class 4: Cutting a Long Lace Front Wig into a Masculine Shape and Making a Base for a Headpiece HercuSleaze will go over some short hair wig options and tips for where to buy them and how to style them. They will make a more masculine-shaped lace front wig, I cut a long wig, adjust the hairline and style it . HercuSleaze will give a tutorial on how to make a bespoke headpiece base using plaster bandage, which you can then later customize.

HercuSleaze’s Drag King Course

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