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Silver screen star, scream queen, and fever dream: Lucinda Miu is a drag queen, burlesque performer, and costume designer bewitched by horror movies, theatrical magic, and all things vintage. A first generation Canadian performer, Lucinda inherited her poise from her Peruvian mama and her fire from her El Salvadoran father. Her performances combine her love of clever costuming with effective storytelling to dazzle audiences all across the city. While predominantly active in Toronto's alternative West End, Lucinda's also active within the burlesque community, where she's known for her campy, ultra-feminine aesthetic and innovative costume reveal after costume reveal after costume reveal. 


Aside from lip-syncing and costume design, Lucinda is also incredibly passionate about theatre and acting. She starred in a few self produced independent productions such as Don't Splash Shelley Rae where she played a bilingual mermaid and Lil' Miss Whereyafrom, a beauty pageant that examined the cultural disconnect for a first generation Canadian who's never been to their parent's country of origin. Most recently, she played Minnie Tittie on CBC Gem's newest queer whodunnit series, Queens. Her costume work can also be seen on a few contestants in the first season of Canada's Drag Race.   


Costume Design

Selena Vyle is a storyteller, comedian, singer and dancer, who is known for her political performances and social commentary. This Latinx and Arab queen has made a splash at several festivals including Just For Laughs Montreal, Toronto Sketchfest and We're Funny The Way. A regular fixture on the Toronto drag scene, she's a go-to gal for hosting events and fundraisers.


She's the co-host of Squirrel Talk Podcast and a member of comedy drag house, the House Of Lix.   Follow Selena online at @selenavyle  



Toronto's small-time extra-large medium, Seyoncé is a weirdo chameleon that takes many forms. Born of dark magic, evil spirits, and bad decisions... Seyoncé is a living(?) cartoon supervillain, who brings camp, comedy, and spooky ooky spfx makeup to the land of the living. Founder of Drag Babies, an open stage, and then competition, made to uplift, and help brand spankin' new drag kings, queens, things, and inbetweens become more comfortable performing on stage in a low pressure, and encouraging environment.


Special Effects Make-Up

 Pop princess and dancing diva, Aurora Matrix is the Aries Fire of the Toronto drag scene. Though she has only been doing drag since 2019, this baby queen stands out among the crowd with her bold makeup and electrifying dance numbers. Aurora’s drag is heavily influenced by her Chinese culture and strives to be a role model for queer Asian youth. Serving plenty of turns, drops, and stunts, you can always expect a full theatrical production from Aurora Matrix!


Make-Up Design

Vicki is Canada’s premier campy comic quirky queen of all trades! Originally from the small mountain town of Smithers, B.C., Vicki packed her nuts up and moved to Canada’s entertainment hub, Toronto, where she has been a fully alive act since 2007.


With a background in theatre from the Canadian College of Performing Arts and as a Comedian/Writer at Humber College’s Comedy Writing and Performance Program, she is one of the few drag artists in Canada who’s act is entirely written by herself; bringing stand-up, parodies, and improv to her audiences.


She is also a TV Actor (Princess SparklyButt and the Hot Dog Kid, TeleToon), Podcast Host (Squirrel Talk!, Nominated by NOW Magazine for Best Local Podcast), Drag Coach (Drag Heals, OutTV/PrimeVideo), Recording Artist (May Contain Nuts, EP), YouTube Vlogger (Queer Comics), Male Model/Bodybuilder, Outspoken Activist, Comedic Writer (Vice Canada), Animated Voice Actor (D.N.Ace, TeleToon), Mother of the House of Lix (HOLE), Certified Llama/Alpaca Trainer, Great Dane Mother (Una), and you best believe she’s just getting started! Having performed all throughout the GTA most notably Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, Fringe Festival, Buddies in Bad Times, Comedy Bar, Yuk Yuks, Second City, Woody’s, Crews & Tangos, Sheridan College, Dundas Square Mainstage, Pride Parade, and the cheese section of Loblaws!


Master Class

He looks great on paper, but say his name out loud and you'll understand exactly who he is. Krēme knows what you like and it's his absolute pleasure to entertain you. With muscles of distraction, he is the definition of satisfaction.


Drag Kings

Katinka Kature has been a staple in the Toronto drag scene for 12 years. She got her nickname the body beautiful after starting a small side job creating custom hip pads and helping entertainers accentuate their figure. Normally you can catch Katinka at any of her weekly shows on Church Street in Toronto. Outside of drag Katinka has a degree from OCAD in sculpture and installation and her degree as a makeup artist specializing in cast forming for special fx.



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