The Great Stream Build-Along

Lecturer: Lizzie Renaud

  • 25 Canadian dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

An excellent supplement to the Essentials of Twitch class, but can be taken without the previous classes as well! This class will be a hands-on session where I will be building a stream, start to finish, and audience can make notes, build with me, or ask questions throughout the entire thing. We will make a full functioning, basic stream with multiple types of sources working in multiple ways. We will learn how to “nest” sources to cut down our work, and we will discuss some of the more confusion elements of Audio as its used in OBS. Students can ask questions as we go, and have parts of the process broken down and explained better. You will need: 1. OBS 2. Series of jpegs, mp4s, and mp3s, and pngs of your choice

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