The Art of Revealing the Tease

Lecturer: Yara El Safi

  • Started Apr. 12
  • 50 Canadian dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

In this three part class will teach the basics of costume reveals with choreography . The choreography will teach timing, teasing and misdirection to entice and capture the audience. The class will cover body angles and controlled intentional movements. This class will also include a costume stoning and costume layering portion to build a relationship with the costume and build an act that is dynamic and engaging. First session for the first hour we will listen to the song chosen for the choreography. We will teach a basic silk glove reveal that involves timing, tease and misdirection. For the second hour we will teach how to layer these costume reveals and techniques to mislead and capture the audience. We will then end the class with a few tips on how to stone a costume so it can be read on stage. In session two we will follow up with a recap of the last class and continue with choreography to practice the reveals with the participants. For the last hour we will allow the participants to continue stoning their garments and give tips and tricks as the class goes on. In session three we will teach how to layer and reveal these costumes to the choreography learned in the first and second class. The first hour will be continuous practice to the song applying the reveals, tease and misleading. Last hour of this session will be performing this act together. You will need: Silk gloves m_apa_fabt1_0czTFb10W3P1C?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Robes of different lengths Belts Stoning gems p_apa_fabt1_lfzTFbR6660ME?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 E600 m_apa_fabt1_0czTFb10W3P1C?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

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