Find Your Light: Perfect Selfie Lighting

Lecturer: Fay Anyway

  • 25 Canadian dollars
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You’ve spent HOURS putting on a fierce beat—why not IMMORTALIZE your work with a professional quality selfie? In “Find Your Light: Perfect Selfie Lighting,” we will explain some photographic lighting basics, demonstrate some interesting set-ups you may want to try on a budget, and even explore some concepts that will help your photo editing process after the fact. No DSLR required—cameras and camera phones of all varieties can produce EXCELLENT results with a more thoughtful use of lighting. It is recommended you follow the course BEFORE purchasing any “optional” supplies. We will be going over some very important fundamentals to professional quality lighting for photography and video (with some practical demonstrations) such as: The difference between hard and soft (diffuse) light; between key and fill lights Some basic lighting set-ups and general best practices Recommendations for lighting set-ups and gear on different budgets Important info for editing/post-production: light temperature, continuous light, etc. You will need: Something to take notes with, if you’d like! (OPTIONAL) 2x Photography Lights with Softboxes (something like — check Kijiji for local deals) (OPTIONAL) Shower curtain for cheap diffusion alternative (something like — check a local dollar store, too) (OPTIONAL) Large White Foam Board (for reflecting a fill light onto your subject)

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