The art of pageantry wrapped up into a 5 week intensive. Starting from the beginning and digging into the history and how pageantry has evolved. Learning all you need to know about pageant prep and what it takes to prepare.


Dive into the pageant categories, learn how to snatch your category wins, and take home the crown. Learn about what the judges are looking for, how to carry yourself, and to set yourself apart from the rest.


Learn about prelims and how to budget and raise money for your package. Lastly learn about losing with pride, winning the pageant, and continuing your reign and the legacy you leave behind.

Week 1- Pageant history, Pageant prep, Prelims and creating a pageant budget.

Week 2- Interview, Presentation, Swimsuit.

Week 3- Talent

Week 4- Evening Gown

Week 5- Q & A, Crowing, Pageant reign.

Pageantry Boot Camp

Excluding GST/HST
  • Feautring Mona Moore