Vicki Lix has been working in the business of comedy and making people laugh in drag since 2007. A graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts and Humber’s Comedy Writing and Performance Program, she has been marrying the world of drag and comedy on every stage and platform imaginable, including writing original one woman comedic shows to sold out audiences,  creating collaborative YouTube content, developing her own weekly podcast, to now writing for TV and Film. A trailblazer in the drag community, she builds her own doors to walk through to create opportunities when there may seem to be none. In this Master Class we will discuss how you are your own comedian, your own business, and ways to apply that to your point of view in drag. The class with consist of:

- How to get yourself started in comedy
- The process to discovering your comedic point of view
- The different outlets to approach comedy
- How to implement your drag into your comedic voice
- Writing original material for yourself


Participants will take part in writing exercises to get their comedic juices flowing as well as take part in some interactive improv games with Vicki. Class is open for all ranges of experience, whether you’ve been a working comic or if this is your first time ever considering doing comedy. Everyone can be funny, and this class will help to make funny your business. Because drag is about having fun and laughing out loud!

Master Class with Vicki Lix

  • Vicki Lix

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