This Master Class is all about finding your drag persona. By figuring out who you are as a

person, we’ll work on how to make your drag persona an extension of yourself, an exaggerated version that you really connect with. Selena will explore what makes each character unique, and playing with different archetypes of drag, and discovering new ones, or finding fresh takes on the tried and true. In this class we will also seek to explore how to put together a number and how to sell yourself on stage. We will go over some do’s and don’t’s that will be unique to each performer.

To explore persona, we will help the participantsfind where they fit into the drag world. We will explore the many different drag styles from comedy and camp to theatrical to dancing sensations, to live singers to political activists to glamazons to spooks to clown.  We will discuss history with examples of famous performers who hit these categories.

Participants will have an opportunity to perform for Selena.  We want to see how you would perform a number of your choice for Selena to critique and finesse to get you to a place where they are being authentic and playing to your strengths.

Character Development and Performance

  • Selena Vyle

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