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Queer Arts Canada is a grassroots organization that provides a platform for 2SLGBTQ+ artists to create, incubate, and celebrate their artistic vision.

Vision: A vibrant Canada where 2SLGBTQ+ artists and their artwork are celebrated.

Mission: To provide a platform for 2SLGBTQ+ artists in Canada to create, incubate and celebrate their artistic vision at home and internationally.

We are looking for Board Members

The board of directors of Queer Arts Canada is legally responsible for the organization's governance. Within that mandate is the expectation that the board will develop, implement, and monitor policies to allow the organization to carry out its work.

Time Commitment

  • Monthly Board Meetings: 2 hours/ month

  • Committee Work: 3 hours/ month

Board Members are expected to:

  • Act in the best interests of the organization

  • Support Queer Arts Canada's fundraising efforts

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of being a board member

  • Be familiar with the organization's bylaws, policies, and procedures, strategic plan, mission, etc.

  • Avoids conflicts of interest including operating in the best interest of the organization, not in self-interest or the interest of a stakeholder group

  • Respect confidentiality policies that pertain to membership and board discussions

  • Keep informed about the organization’s financial activity and legal obligations

  • Bring skills, experience, and knowledge to the organization

  • Attend board meetings regularly and arrive prepared for meetings

  • Support board decisions once they have been voted on

The Ideal Candidate

The 5 Top Core competencies that we are looking for are:

  1. Governance

  2. Leadership

  3. Financial Literacy

  4. Marketing & Communications

  5. Fundraising

How To Apply

Send us your resume and cover letter to info@dragacademy.ca