This award supports 2SLGBTQ+ artists to research, develop and execute an original project in the arts. Creation Awards are intended to allow artists to devote some of their time to research and create an original production. The award aims to reflect the range of artistic practices and to support diverse artists and communities.

Art Award Recipients



TJ Banate (Alias: the Noise Witch) is a multi-disciplinary creative with a focus on music performance and art direction. They work in a variety of mediums such as, sound design and composition, graphic design, mixed media art, digital manipulation, body painting and costumery, poetry, photography, web development and personal essay writing.

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Hisham is a drag performer who uses film and music to showcase her work. She was born in Pakistan and began her career as a fashion designer there. In 2018 she transitioned into filmmaking and music to advocate for LGBTQ rights and amplify queer voices in Pakistan. Due to backlash from the release of a queer short film that she produced, Hisham had to leave Pakistan as a refugee for Canada. Her hope is to continue her activism in Canada and produce art that is provocative yet uplifting, and which celebrates queerness, femininity, and her South Asian heritage.

Supporting LGBTQ+ Artists