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Stategic Partnerships

At Drag Academy, we approach strategic partnerships with intentionality, ensuring alignment with our core mission to advance the art of drag worldwide. We recognize the transformative power of collaboration and actively seek partnerships with academic and art institutions that share our commitment to elevating the craft of drag. By fostering relationships with like-minded organizations, we aim to create synergies that contribute to the enrichment of drag culture across Canada and beyond. These strategic alliances not only amplify our educational initiatives but also facilitate the exchange of ideas, fostering a global community that embraces diversity, creativity, and the progressive evolution of drag as a respected and celebrated art form.

Our Partnerships

Georgetown Drag Retreat_edited.jpg

SASOD Guyana & Pride Toronto

Drag Family Fun Day (Instagram Post).png

Art Gallery Burlington

Screenshot 2024-01-21 at 10.04.36 AM.png

Toronto Metropolitan University

Drag show instagram.jpg

Halton Diversity Roundtable

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